Knowledgebase - How do I deploy and update Checkpoint Tools for PPC using Active Directory, Group Policy?

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How do I deploy and update Checkpoint Tools for PPC using Active Directory, Group Policy?

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QuestionHow do I deploy and update Checkpoint Tools for PPC using Active Directory, Group Policy?

Note: This install is recommended for experienced Network Administrators only.

Deploying Checkpoint Tools for PPC products from an Administrative Install Point

The Checkpoint Tools products have been designed to take advantage of Microsoft's Windows Installer technology (MSI). One of the many benefits of this technology is the ease with which software can be readied for distribution. The basic process involves creating administrative install points for each product to be installed on a network share. These administrative install points are then used to deploy the product to client workstations. You can quickly and easily create an unattended installation and enable remote deployment to client workstations using Group Policy, SMS.

PPC's Product Install Wizard makes the job of setting up your PPC products even simpler. Just select the Administrative Install option to create an administrative install point for all of your PPC products at once. This saves valuable time by automating an otherwise repetitive procedure.

Administrative Installation Point - A network share, called a software distribution point, that contains the packages (.msi files), any transforms (.mst files), and the program files and components.

Supported Checkpoint Tools for PPC Active Directory Deployment Methods:

  • Assignment to Computer
  • Assignment to User of Checkpoint Tools Framework
  • Assignment to User of Checkpoint Tools Titles (see titles limitation below)
  • Publish to User

Update Notes:

  • You will need to create new Administrative Installation Points for Framework and all product templates that have updated.
  • Framework must be deployed using the Upgrade option on the package which removes the old version and applies the new.
  • Assignment to User works in Active Directory by creating an "advertised" shortcut to an executable which, when launched, completes the install of the product. While this will work for the Checkpoint Tools Framework, the Checkpoint Tools titles are Word and Excel templates. As such, they do not have an executable that can be used to advertise a shortcut to complete the install. A new feature in Windows Server 2003 with Windows XP workstations has a box ("Install this application at logon") which, if selected, will complete the install when logging into the system. Other systems will show the titles in Control Panel's "Add New Programs", and the "Add" button must be clicked by the user for the install to complete.

Before beginning this process, please verify that the system requirements are met on each workstation that will receive the Checkpoint Tools deployment. The installs will NOT complete if any of the system requirements are not met. The operating system must be Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (or higher) or Windows XP Service Pack 1 (or higher). The system must also have Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (or higher) or Office XP Service Pack 2 (or higher) or Office 2003. See the Product Information Guide for more details on these requirements.

Group Policy - Additional Information:Please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for additional information regarding deployment through Group Policy:

816102 - How To: Use Group Policy to Remotely Install Software in Windows Server 2003;[LN];816102


314934 - How To: Use Group Policy to Remotely Install Software in Windows 2000;EN-US;314934
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Date Last Published8/17/2015



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