Knowledgebase - How do I unlock a SMART Practice Aids engagement?

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How do I unlock a SMART Practice Aids engagement?

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QuestionHow do I unlock a SMART Practice Aids engagement?
1.   If an engagement remains locked after you close it, make sure that no other user is working on the engagement.

2.   Browse to this directory on your PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PPC\Tools\SPADMV. (If you are running a Windows 7 64-bit PC, start in the 'Program Files (x86)' directory.)

3.   In the SPADMV directory, look for the SPADmv.exe. Double Click and Run the file to open the tool.

4.   Under Database Server, use the dropdown to select and click on local (even though it may already set to local).

5.   Under Client, select the appropriate client name and under Engagement select the Engagement that is locked.

6.   Once you have selected the ‘locked’ engagement, check both the Lock Data and Session Data tabs. If you don’t see anything the engagement should not be locked.

7.   If you see the session is locked (It will say locked and date), select Data (top left hand corner) and click Delete Engagement Locks.

 8.   This should delete the locks and will allow you to open or receive the engagement again
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Date Last Published10/14/2015



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