Knowledgebase - Is Bisk CPA Review Online as effective as a classroom review?

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Is Bisk CPA Review Online as effective as a classroom review?

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QuestionIs Bisk CPA Review Online as effective as a classroom review?

Absolutely! In fact, here are eight areas in which we believe our online review actually surpasses a classroom review:

  1. High Degree of Interaction – In a traditional classroom, half the students (the introverts) are never heard from.
  2. Student-Centered Learning – The design of the online classroom allows students to control their own pace. They are able to work ahead, as well as go back and review course materials as necessary. Links to various areas of the classroom provide easy access to all course content.
  3. Writing Intensity – The Bisk CPA Review materials include extensive coverage of writing skills in the Business Environment & Concepts section. The BEC section of the CPA exam includes a written communications component, it is important for students to be able to write effectively, staying on topic and using proper grammar.
  4. Lifelong Learning – Online students gain skills, such as using Internet links, search engines, discussion boards, chat rooms and email, that will help them in the pursuit of information throughout their lives.
  5. Extensive Support Services – With Bisk CPA Review, help is never more than an email or phone call away.
  6. Flexibility – Bisk CPA Review students are able to study anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
  7. Quick Feedback – Assignments, including grades and editorial comments, can be returned to students more promptly online.
  8. The Online Community – Bisk CPA Review professors are constantly remarking on the close relationships that are formed between professor-student and classmate-classmate. It seems the convenient communication methods available online actually spur online students to open up and share information about themselves.
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Date Last Published8/4/2014



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