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ProView Release Schedule

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QuestionProView Release Schedule
ProView Titles (My Library)Product Code2016-17 Release Date (Estimated)
EBIA Journals
EBIA's COBRA: The Developing LawECOV/ECOVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Group Health Plans: Federal Mandates Other Than COBRA and HIPAAEGHV/EGHVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Consumer-Driven Health CareECDV/ECDVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's 401(k) PlansE4KV/E4KVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's HIPAA Portability, Privacy and SecurityEHIV/EHIVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's ERISA Compliance for Health and Welfare PlansERIV/ERIVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Cafeteria PlansECPV/ECPVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Fringe BenefitsEFRV/EFRVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Health Care Reform for Employers and AdvisorsEHCRV/EHCRVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Self-Insured Health PlansESIV/ESIVTReleased; updated quarterly
WG&L Journals
Journal of TaxationJTAXVReleased; updated monthly
Practical Tax StrategiesPTSVReleased; updated monthly
Estate PlanningETPLVReleased; updated monthly
Federal Depreciation HandbookDEPV201712/12/2016
Federal Tax Regulations Summer EditionRG7V20169/12/2016
Federal Tax Regulations Winter EditionRG1V20162/18/2016
Internal Revenue Code Summer EditionIR7V20167/30/2016
Internal Revenue Code Winter EditionIR1V20162/15/2016
RIA Federal Tax HandbookFTHV201712/3/2016
PPC Guides
PPC's Guide to Compilation and ReviewCARV20177/20/2016 (Final update in ProView format.
Available in print and Checkpoint)
PPC Deskbooks
PPC's 1120 DeskbookT20V201712/12/2016
PPC’s 5500 DeskbookT55V20174/20/2017
PPC’s 990 Deskbook990V20173/16/2017
PPC's 1040 DeskbookTDBV201712/11/2016
PPC's 1041 DeskbookT41V201712/16/2016
PPC's 1065 DeskbookT65V201712/9/2016
PPC's 1120S DeskbookT2SV201712/16/16
PPC's 706/709 Deskbook706V201712/2/2016
PPC Newsletters
PPC’S Practitioners Tax Action BulletinTABVReleased; updated every two weeks
1040 Quickfinder HandbookQ40V201712/18/2016
All States Quickfinder HandbookQSTV20172/10/2017
Business Returns Tax Tables QuickfinderQLBV201712/26/2016
Depreciation Quickfinder HandbookQDEV201711/23/2016
Health Care Reform Quickfinder HandbookQHCV201712/14/2016
Individual Returns Tax Tables QuickfinderQLIV201712/26/2016
Individuals Special Tax Situations Quickfinder HandbookQSSV201712/4/2016
IRA and Retirement Plan Quickfinder HandbookQIRV20174/9/2016
Premium Quickfinder HandbookQPEV201712/26/2016
Quickfinder Annual Tax UpdateQ14TV20171/22/2017
Small Business Quickfinder HandbookQSBV201712/11/2016
Social Security and Medicare Quickfinder HandbookQSMV20171/5/2017
Tax Planning for Individuals Quickfinder HandbookQIPV20175/1/2016
The Quickfinder Tax Tips NewsletterQFTVReleased; updated monthly
Gear Up
Gear Up 1040 Individual Tax ManualG40V201710/15/2016
Gear Up Business EntitiesGBEV20179/15/2016
Gear Up - 1041 2016 ManualG41V201710/28/2016
Gear Up - Accounting ManualGACV201710/28/2016
Gear Up - California Tax Update ManualGCAV201711/4/2016
Gear Up - Estates and Trusts ManualGETV201710/28/2016
Gear Up - IRAs, Pensions and Other Retirement Resources ManualGIRV201710/28/2016
Gear Up - Practice Development and Management ManualGPDV201711/4/2016
Gear Up - Technology 3.0 ManualGTEV201710/28/2016
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Date Last Published2/9/2017



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