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ProView Release Schedule

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QuestionProView Release Schedule
ProView Titles (My Library)Product Code2017-18 Release Date (Estimated)
EBIA Manuals
EBIA's COBRA: The Developing LawECOV/ECOVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Group Health Plans: Federal Mandates Other Than COBRA and HIPAAEGHV/EGHVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Consumer-Driven Health CareECDV/ECDVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's 401(k) PlansE4KV/E4KVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's HIPAA Portability, Privacy and SecurityEHIV/EHIVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's ERISA Compliance for Health and Welfare PlansERIV/ERIVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Cafeteria PlansECPV/ECPVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Fringe BenefitsEFRV/EFRVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Health Care Reform for Employers and AdvisorsEHCRV/EHCRVTReleased; updated quarterly
EBIA's Self-Insured Health PlansESIV/ESIVTReleased; updated quarterly
WG&L Journals
Journal of TaxationJTAXVReleased; updated monthly
Practical Tax StrategiesPTSVReleased; updated monthly
Estate PlanningETPLVReleased; updated monthly
Federal Depreciation HandbookDEPV2017December 2016 (Final update in ProView format. Available in print and Checkpoint.)
Federal Tax Regulations Summer EditionRG7V2017August 2017
Federal Tax Regulations Winter EditionRG1V2018January/February 2018
Internal Revenue Code Summer EditionIR7V2017August 2017
Internal Revenue Code Winter EditionIR1V2018January/February 2018
RIA Federal Tax HandbookFTHV2018November/December 2017
PPC Guides
PPC's Guide to Compilation and ReviewCARV20177/20/2016 (Final update in ProView format.
Available in print and Checkpoint)
1040 Quickfinder HandbookQ40V2018Released
All States Quickfinder HandbookQSTV2018February 2018
Business Returns Tax Tables QuickfinderQLBV2018Released
Depreciation Quickfinder HandbookQDEV2018November 2017
Health Care Reform Quickfinder HandbookQHCV2018December 2017
Individual Returns Tax Tables QuickfinderQLIV2018Released
Individuals Special Tax Situations Quickfinder HandbookQSSV2018December 2017
IRA and Retirement Plan Quickfinder HandbookQIRV2018April 2017
Premium Quickfinder HandbookQPEV2018December 2017
Quickfinder Annual Tax UpdateQ14TV2018January 2018
Small Business Quickfinder HandbookQSBV2018December 2017
Social Security and Medicare Quickfinder HandbookQSMV2018January 2018
Tax Planning for Individuals Quickfinder HandbookQIPV2018April 2017
The Quickfinder Tax Tips NewsletterQFTVReleased; updated monthly
Gear Up
Gear Up 1040 Individual Tax ManualG40V201810/15/2017
Gear Up Business EntitiesGBEV20189/15/2017
Gear Up - 1041 ManualG41V201810/28/2017
Gear Up - Accounting ManualGACV201810/28/2017
Gear Up - California Tax Update ManualGCAV201811/4/2017
Gear Up - Estates and Trusts ManualGETV201810/28/2017
Gear Up - Technology 3.1GTEV201810/28/2017
Gear Up - Tax Update and Hot Tax Planning TipsGHTV201810/28/2017
Gear Up - IRS, Audit, Appeals & Collections: Successful StrategiesGIAV201810/28/2017
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Date Last Published2/14/2018


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