Knowledgebase - What can I expect to see in my mobiile learning course?

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What can I expect to see in my mobiile learning course?

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QuestionWhat can I expect to see in my mobile learning course?
Each course contains study questions that check your comprehension of the preceding material. Some courses will also contain practice exercises to help you apply certain concepts. At the end of the course you will be given an exam. You must pass the exam in order to pass the course and obtain your CPE certificate.

Some courses contain audio and/or video clips. These courses are labeled, "A Premium Course." Each video segment allows you to select a low- or high-bandwidth presentation. Low-bandwidth will present audio with still shots. High-bandwidth will present video with sound. To run the video optimally, you should have access to a Wi-Fi, broadband or high-speed internet connection (network, cable, DSL or fiber). If you select "high-bandwidth” but experience excessively long download times or jerkiness while the video is running, you may not have enough bandwidth (slow speed or too much traffic online) to view the video. You should stop the video and select the "low-bandwidth” option. A transcript for all audio and video segments is available for every course.
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Date Last Published12/5/2017



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