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User-added image Pay your bill online by credit card

  • View and Print Invoices
  • Track Shipments
  • See Current Active Holdings (Subscription List)
  • Review Account balances
  • Links to other websites you may find helpful

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Billing and Account Management

Article Title Type Published Date
Cancellations & Refunds Documentation 04/03/2018
Checkpoint MyAccount Documentation 10/12/2017
When I sign up for auto pay, does it apply to past invoices or to new invoices received after the date of sign up? FAQs 09/20/2017
Locating Your Account Number Documentation 08/12/2017
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How do I change my Auto Pay payment method? FAQs 08/12/2017
I have just registered for Auto Pay. When will my first payment take place? FAQs 08/12/2017
Can I make a one-time payment, even if I’m registered for Auto Pay? FAQs 08/12/2017
What is Auto Pay? FAQs 08/12/2017
How Do I Register for Automatic Bill Pay? FAQs 08/12/2017

Article Title Type Published Date
Checkpoint MyAccount Documentation 10/12/2017
How do I request a duplicate copy of my invoice? FAQs 05/20/2016
Can I access my invoice electronically? FAQs 08/10/2017
How can I verify that my payment is posted to my account? FAQs 05/17/2016
How can I view my invoices? FAQs 07/14/2017
Cancellations & Refunds Documentation 04/03/2018
Locating Your Account Number Documentation 08/12/2017
What is an advance renewal invoice and when will I receive it? FAQs 02/19/2013
When can I expect my renewal invoice? FAQs 12/12/2012
Do you have rules related to copyright requests? FAQs 05/17/2016