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What is Tax & Accountings Federal Tax ID number?
FAQs - September 14, 2012
EIN Number
How quickly can I receive my products?
FAQs - December 18, 2012
Shipping Schedules
How Do I Find Out Which Products Are Currently Active On Our Account?
FAQs - August 10, 2017
My Account, Checkpoint MyAccount, invoice summary, credit summary
Why don't I get the DVD / CD-ROM version of my book at the same time I receive my print version?
FAQs - September 14, 2012
Shipping DVD, Print Shipments, Shipping CD-ROM
How do I change my contact name?
FAQs - December 18, 2012
My Account
How do I change my address?
FAQs - December 18, 2012
My Account
Can I view the call history [cases] on my account?
FAQs - December 18, 2012
Service Requests
Do any of the technical support reps have personal lines so that a customer can contact them individually?
FAQs - December 18, 2012
Contact Phone Numbers
Can I replace broken, damaged, or defective binders?
FAQs - September 14, 2012
Binder Replacements
How do I change my Firm Name?
FAQs - September 14, 2012
My Account